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Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Greenpoint Creates Tide Pod Inspired Pizzas In Light of Viral Craze

Pied pod pizzas, inspired by Tide pods, at Vinnie’s Pizzeria.

Jan. 19, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

The Tide pod challenge has hit a Greenpoint pizzeria, but the results, this time, are “100% edible and 100% not soap”.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, located at 235 Nassau Ave., introduced “Pied Pods” yesterday—a cheese, pepperoni, and dough concoction topped off with blue and orange colors—made to resemble the detergent pods at the center of a dangerous viral challenge.

“We’re concerned about the youths,” Vinnie’s Pizzeria said on Twitter. “They’re eating laundry detergent pods.”

The Tide pod challenge, where people record themselves biting into and eating laundry pods, has recently begun to pick up in popularity. But the dangers in consuming the toxic detergent are clear—the US Consumer Product Safety Commission implored people to not eat the laundry pods, and YouTube has started to take down videos of people joining in the challenge.

“Our Pied Pods (filled w/cheese and roni) have that bright, alluring colors that youths crave BUT are 100% edible and 100% not soap,” Vinnie’s Pizzeria said.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, which opened a Greenpoint location in 2010 after its current owners took over the original Williamsburg site in 2007, has repeatedly created unique pizza variations and slices influenced by pop culture.

The owners went viral last year after launching a pizza box, an edible departure from the typical cardboard box used to carry pizza. Other slices include a rainbow slice created after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling, and a slice with purple-dyed cheese after Prince died.

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