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Units Start At $2,544 in New 196 Freeman St. Affordable Housing Lottery

Units start at $2,544 per month for a one-bedroom. (StreetEasy)

April 15, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

A new affordable housing lottery has opened for 196 Freeman St. in Greenpoint, with three units up for grabs.

The newly-constructed building, located a few blocks from the Greenpoint Avenue G train station, has one one-bedroom unit and two two-bedrooms available through the lottery. The development is outfitted with a roof deck, bike room, and laundry room. A gym and parking are available for an extra fee.

The one bedroom unit will cost $2,544 per month, and is available to individuals making between $87,223 and $95,030 or households of two making up to $108,550.

The two-bedroom units are going for $3,050 per month and are available to households of two making between $104,572 and $108,550. Households with three people can have a combined income up to $122,070 and households of four can make up to $135,590.

Listed rent prices include all utilities, according to the lottery listing.

The deadline to apply for the lottery is May 6. Some preference will be given to those with mobility, vision and hearing impairments.

For more information and to apply, go to New York Housing Connect.

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Romuald Miecznikowski

Lived here when it was a Polish neighborhood and rented a five room flat for $105.00 per month!


How can NYC housing advertise this as affordable with a straight face? This just disrespects 90% of the population who actually need affordable housing since we make less than $50,000 a year. I’ve been applying for these housings for over 15 years and I work for the city as a civil servant but get nothing. But my friend who is retired and owns a home, applied for the Big 6, wins a 1 BR and that’s why this is all a farce.

Lena Melendeza

The joke is on average everyday New Yorker’s. Lol. This is the result of negotiations between our politicians and REBNY/landlord lobbyists. They sure nuf did NOT consult tenants! HOUSING CONNECT -a joke. NYC AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM-a joke. 80/20 Program – a joke. MIH PROGRAM -a joke. AMI-a joke.
Wake up people. We have 9 Rent law bills coming up in the Assembly and the Senate for a vote in June 2019. Go on FB search HOUSING JUSTICE FOR ALL-and read up on the UNIVERSAL RENT CONTROL Platform and then give your assembly member and senator a call and tell them you want ALL 9 bills passed! Fuck the Affordable Housing Program. It is grossly out of sync with what renters need right now. May 2 – 250 Broadway join us in testifying for the rent laws! May 14 – join us in Albany to lobby our pols! We can do this!!! We must or NY is going to be a little Dubai.

Joanne Duffy

How is over $2500 considered affordable. If a landlord judges a tenant financially qualified to rent an apt if the applicant earns 40 times the monthly rent (this is a fairly standard formula) then the applicant would need to show an income of no less than 100K per annum. So how is this considered affordable to the average person who earns anywhere from 40 to 60K per year?


Are they serious? How in the hell is this affordable? Who do they ask to determine affordability? Millionaires?
Why not build housing for people who need it – without the “amenities” b.s. We don’t need marble floors, gyms, spas, indoor pools.

Peter Beadle

That is in no way affordable. Whatever program allows these units to be labeled “affordable” and undoubtedly in exchange provides the developers with certain benefits is a sham. I pay less to *own* a 2 bedroom, ~1,200 sq ft. apt. (mortgage + maintenance) in a nice building than it costs to rent one of these. Plus where is the affordable housing for folks earning less than $70k a year? Median area income is in the $50k’s but all the “affordable” housing is being built for folks earning quite a bit more, and even then its not affordable. Really, this is ridiculous.


Affordable? What a joke. Back in the day you could have rented a one bedroom like this for $100 instead of $2,544 a month. First of all it looks like a prison no matter how many amenities they give you for extra cost.

Back then the landlord could not make a profit, now only the well to do can afford this.

Society never learns. Instead of abandoned houses back in the day, you are gonna get the same thing with high rent blight.


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