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Schumer Stuns Queens Community Board, Attends Zoom Meeting in Midst of National Crisis

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer joined Community Board 2 for its monthly meeting on a Zoom call Thursday evening (Screen Shot: Queens Post)

Jan. 7, 2021 By Christian Murray

Just hours after he called for President Donald Trump’s ousting, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer appeared before members of community board 2 via Zoom.

The 75 people on the Zoom call Thursday night were surprised, given that it was less than a day since the Capitol building was in turmoil.

Schumer, who is the midst of organizing Trump’s impeachment, spent 20 minutes on the call—where he spent the first five minutes thanking board members for the service. Members’ jaws dropped as he was praising them–given the nation’s crisis.

“Thanks to all you community board members,” Schumer said nonchalantly. “You guys and gals do a great job—I know what it’s like. When things go bad you hear about; when things are great you hear nothing.”

He then went on to talk about how he likes western Queens and how he rides his bicycle through the area when he comes in from Brooklyn. “I ride a bike all over and no one sees me. I’m not a spandex guy going over 40 miles per hour.”

Schumer, despite the chaos in Washington, apologized to the board for only being on the call for 20 minutes. “I’m sorry. I usually spend 45 minutes on a Community Board call. When we set this call up, we did not know what the events of yesterday would be.”

The board members—most of whom were surprised he had a moment to spare—expressed great thanks that he was in attendance. Many posted laudatory messages in the Zoom chat room.

Schumer then suddenly adopted a more serious tone.

“What happened yesterday was despicable. It was an insurrection,” he said. “This was not a protest. These people were thugs, goons, they were violent. I never would have imagined something like this would happen,” Schumer said.

“I was only about 30 feet from some of these thugs,” he said, speaking of the moment when he was ushered out of the Senate chamber.

“Let’s make no mistake about it. These people are domestic terrorists—and they bear full responsibility and I will make sure that they are fully prosecuted. I have called the Acting Attorney General. I have very little faith that this acting attorney general will do much – but I am going to make sure that our new Attorney General goes after them…and spares no leniency.”

But Schumer said the main person who bears responsibility for the riot is Trump.

“Donald Trump incited this riot,” he told board members. “It wouldn’t have happened without him. If there was no Donald Trump this would not have happened. He egged the people on, he created the lies, the lies about the election and actually encouraged the violence.

Schumer said that he asked both the Acting Attorney General and the head of the Department of Defense to get Trump to make a statement during the mayhem to tell the rioters to leave the capitol. “He wouldn’t do it,” Schumer said.

“When he finally did [make a statement] it hurt more than it helped.”

Schumer said that has called on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to get Trump removed.

“He refused to do it. So, I called on Speaker Pelosi and a few hours later she agreed to begin impeachment proceedings.”

Schumer said that Trump does not deserve one more day in office.

“This is how democracies stop being democracies,” Schumer said. “When there are actions like this and no one says anything or does anything and nobody pays a price–it gets worse and worse.”

Schumer said that if Trump is impeached, they could prohibit him from running for office again.

“This man should never be allowed to run for office again—given what he did,” Schumer said.

He then discussed how many members were left in fear even after the riot.

“One of my colleagues was told that she shouldn’t go on an airplane and go home—she is not from New York—because there might be violence against her because Trump supporters might be on the plane.

“This is what we have come to in America and Donald Trump has done it unfortunately.”

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Charles Schumer is a despicable person. He seems to forget that HE PERSONALLY spent the last 5 years trying to get rid of President Trump. Instead of trying to work with the POTUS on legislation to help American Families he and Pelosi chose to do nothing but try to impeach and torture the President. Has he forgotten Pelosi’s Grandstanding during the State of the Union tearing up Trumps Speech on Love TV? That had never been done in our history. The thugs Schumer should talk about are himself, Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton all of whom LIED about the Russia conspiracy. And how dare they talk about the call to the Ukraine when we all know Biden did worse in forcing the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor looking into the corruption at the company Hunter Biden was getting paid 50k a month as a KICKBACK! Anyone who doesn’t also see the conflict of having Biden preside over an investigation into his own son is BLIND! Where is the calls for a special counsel now? Schumer is a disgrace and a liar. He needs to be removed from office. New Yorkers had better wake up. All the people who actually work and have paid taxes so those who choose to sit home and collect off of our taxes are LEAVING!! Also look at your Governor who praised Letitia James for SUING THE NYPD over how they handle Black Lives Matter? Are you serious? They were incredibly restrained! While NY was burning for something that we had NOTHING TO DO WITH, the NYPD showed incredible restraint and professionalism. They should be applauded except this idiot who is supposed to be the TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL IN THE STATE CHOOSES TO SUE OUR ONLY LINE OF SAFETY. Great job Letitia and Cuomo, any NYer who votes for either of them has no respect and frankly should be left to protect themselves. I never thought I’d say this but NY is a CES pool caused by those who live in the SWAMP that is DC and Albany – Letitia James, Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, Kirstin Gillibrand (worst SEN ever), DiBlasio or should we say William Wilhelm, Jumane Williams, Scott Stringer, Grace Meng, and the entire NY Congressional delegation. Yes even you Miliotakis!! So unfortunate what happened at the Capitol that was horrible and those responsible must be prosecuted but just think of you were tortured every day for 5 years how you would react.


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