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Revel, Electric Moped Ride-Sharing Service, Launches in North Brooklyn

via Revel

July 30, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

A ride-sharing service focusing on electric mopeds has launched in North Brooklyn today, making it the first of its kind among other ride-sharing services in New York City.

Revel, the name of the company, aims to provide the “missing link” in the city’s transportation network with a fun, environmentally-friendly service.

The ride-sharing service works like Car2Go, where users can find an available e-moped within the North Brooklyn operating area through an smartphone app, and ride anywhere within Brooklyn and Queens, even pausing in between.

Users, however, are not allowed to cross bridges into Manhattan, Staten Island, or the Bronx, and are subject to fines between $50 and $150 for doing so.

A map showing Revel’s home operating area in blue. All revel rides start within the blue area, and riders must return the vehicle within the blue area when the ride ends. Users, however, can go anywhere in Brooklyn or Queens and in between. (Revel)

At the end of the ride, the e-moped must be returned to the designated home operating area within the Williamsburg, Greenpoint, or Bushwick neighborhoods.

The ride charges $4.00 for the first 20 minutes, with $0.25 cents per minute after that. Users will also have to pay $0.05 cents per minute to park and pause their ride.

In addition, a one-time $25 driver’s license verification fee is also part of the costs, but the first two 20-minute rides are free for new users.

“We are excited to bring a new, innovative transit solution to one of the busiest hubs in the world,” said Frank Reig, a trained chef with a background in environmental policy and co-founder of Revel Transit. “By providing a reliable means of getting around neighborhoods poorly served by existing transit, we will help New Yorkers get where they need to go.”

Users need to be 21 and over to drive, and must have a registered U.S. driver’s license and credit card to use the service. Inexperienced moped riders can also sign up to get a free lesson on how to ride the vehicle after registering.

via Revel

The e-mopeds are unlocked directly from the smartphone app, and include two helmets for the rider to choose from to wear. Only one rider, however, is allowed per e-moped.

The e-mopeds do not have keys, and are operated by switches on and between the handlebars. At the end of the ride, the mopeds can be parked in a legal spot anywhere within the home operating area.

The co-founders boast that the service is affordable, safe, environmentally friendly, and space spacing in a city continuously vying for parking and storage space.

“As a quick and efficient mode of transportation, we look forward to e-mopeds becoming an integrated part of the city’s transit system, especially in areas under-served by existing infrastructure,” said Paul Suhey, an engineer and co-founder of Revel Transit.

For more information on the vehicle and regulations when using the service, visit

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What if the previous rider has head lice and then you go and put on the helmet. Not a good idea of using their helmets


This seems like a terrible idea on its face – why does the city allow for such things? We should not be subsidizing private companies like this by maintaining their vehicle storage infrastructure for them. Any and all “shared” services need to have designated locations for a reason. What’s to stop me from starting a car share service and just taking up every single parking space in the neighborhood, monopolizing the public space for profit? Absurd. This city is always badly run, but under De Blasio it has gotten PROGRESSIVELY worse.


Gee, what could go wrong with this. Now while crossing a place like Kent Ave, besides getting hit by a car/truck, bike, runners, delivery bikes, you now, especially a senior can get hit by one of these.

It is official. Greenpoint is as bad or worse than Manhattan with this.


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