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Alleged Greenpoint Swastika Vandal Arrested, Charged With Seven Felonies

One of the many swastikas that have been found in Greenpoint in recent months. (Photo: Rob Guarino)

May 4, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

The vandal allegedly responsible for littering Greenpoint with anti semitic stickers and graffiti has been placed under arrest.

The arrest, announced at Wednesday night’s 94th Precinct Community Council meeting, came earlier this month after police tracked down the culprit and caught him in the act. Twenty-eight-year-old Glenn Murto, a Greenpoint resident, was placed under arrest on April 5 and charged with seven felony hate crimes.

“Based on technology, intelligence, and good old fashioned police work, Sargeant Mussaw and Officer Wikira, brainstormed a plan and executed the plan to perfection,” said Captain William Glynn of the 94 Precinct.

Greenpoint had been hit with a string of anti semitic graffiti in recent months. In January, a series of stickers were posted in Greenpoint displaying Nazi symbols and messages of white supremacy. In March, “Die, Jew Bitch!” and a swastika were scrawled across a poster of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And just last month, two swastikas were spray painted on the sidewalk along Newel Street.

Police were unable to confirm which incidents in particular Murto had been charged with, but said the charges were both sticker and non-sticker related.

To find Murto, Mussaw and Wikira mapped out where the incidents had taken place—all within a few blocks of each other—and were able to predict where and when the vandal would strike.

“With plain clothes and a non-descript vehicle, they sat and they waited and, as we anticipated, he came out and started posting swastikas,” Glynn said.

Since Murto’s arrest, no more swastikas or hate-filled graffiti have been reported in the area.

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Black Forest Iced Cake

As a child of Holocaust survivors and as a deeply grateful American, I thank those police officers.

I wonder why neo-nazis feel so comfortable under Trump?

…but not denounced by Trump. That’s why Trump called the people at the murderous Charlottesville Trump rally “very fine people”

Jonathan Jackson

Not convinced, he has re tweeted white nationalist propaganda many times, dog whistling to his racist base, but yes there are fine trump supports to. And what about Stephen Bannon, breitbart…? Are they fine people to.

Guy Jones

Actually, the bulk of unabashed Jew-hate these days is rather pointedly coming from the Left and the Dhimmi-crats, with their decades-long enabling, whitewashing and rationalizing of Jew-hating blacks, Muslims and assorted Leftist jackboots, which hatred is now presented under the fig leaf of ant-Israel venom and vitriol.

Robert O'Donnell

This is great news as a former Greenpoint resident we have our faults but we grow and learn to be better people.


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