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Greenpoint post office worker faces federal charges for stealing parcels, computers, nearly $10K in stamp booklets

The Greenpoint Post Office at 66 Meserole Ave.

Oct. 11, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A United States Postal Service employee at a Greenpoint post office is facing federal felony charges for stealing packages, computers, and close to $10,000 in stamp booklets.

Court documents show that Bagner Cardoso, an employee at the Greenpoint post office located at 66 Meserole Ave., was arrested on Aug. 30 after he told investigators for the Office of the Inspector General that he had been stealing the contents of mail parcels from the Greenpoint post office approximately every other day for the last two years.

Cardoso told OIG special agents that he stole 10 computers from mail parcels during Aug. 2017. When authorities searched his apartment, they also found a stack of “Forever Pets” stamp booklets that came from a package of multiple stamp booklets valued at $9,870, which Cardoso admitted to stealing, court records show.

Employees at the Greenpoint post office also said they saw Cardoso rummage through parcels after taking them to the men’s locker room on multiple occasions, even coming in on his off-day to do so, according to court documents.

While previously admitting his stealing to the OIG, Cardoso plead not guilty to the charges during an appearance at the Brooklyn federal court in Cadman Plaza on Oct. 10, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

Cardoso plead not guilty to one count of theft of mail by a postal service employee and one count of misappropriation of property by postal service employee.

Cardoso is out on a bond set at $75,000, and is due to appear back in court on Nov. 10, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

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Lol this guy is as stupid as they come. He’s already confessed, yet he’s pleading not guilty… against the Feds?!

He’s going to go away for a lonnnnnng time.


He stole my dad’s iPad! I knew it! We wasted so much time, energy and frustration trying to get the insurance payment. They only pay a small portion of what it costs to replace the item. It frustrated my retired dad beyond belief and left him even more disillusioned with the system than he already was.


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