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Brooklyn Bazaar Apologizes for Surprise Louis C.K. Performance

Louis C.K. (Wikimedia)

July 1, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

The Brooklyn Bazaar has issued an apology to the community after a comedy show hosted by a third-party in the Greenpoint event space surprised the crowd with a performance by controversial comedian Louis C.K., who admitted to several instances of sexual misconduct in 2017.

We would like to state that this was a surprise appearance and that the venue had no prior knowledge that his performance would occur,” Brooklyn Bazaar wrote in a statement on Facebook last week. “By the time he was brought through the side entrance by promoters and put on stage, it was too late for our staff to stop it. Management felt stopping it may put our staff in danger because of the large crowd.

The operators of Brooklyn Bazaar, located at 150 Greenpoint Ave., went on to apologize to both the community and their staff and promised to ensure that outside events would be vetted more thoroughly in the future.

C.K.’s performance, first reported by TMZ, took place on June 23 as part of the Skankfest Comedy Mayhem Festival. When called to the stage, C.K. was met with roaring applause and audience members chanting his name. The comedian performed a 20-minute set, after which he received a standing ovation from the crowd. 

Last week’s appearance is the latest in a string of comeback performances since the comedian admitted to exposing himself to several women and masturbating both in front of them or over the phone. C.K. reportedly opened his set with a reference to his sexual misconduct, stating “If you ever masturbate in front of someone, ask them first. If they say yes, don’t do it!”

C.K.’s other performances since his admission have been met with public outcry. In December of last year, an audience member recorded a portion of C.K.’s set, which included several controversial topics such as the 2018 Parkland school shooting, Auschwitz, and non-binary people. 

The organizers of Skankfest Comedy Mayhem Festival reportedly worked to get C.K. to perform at the festival and got him to agree just days prior, according to TMZ.

Skankfest Comedy Mayhem Festival organizers did not respond to requests for comment.

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Standing ovation by the crowd and the venue is apologizing? Im guessing they shouldnt hold comedy events there anymore.

I wonder why Trump lovers don't care about men committing sex crimes

The “grab em by the pussy” crowd doesn’t care about sex crimes?! I’m shocked!


So anyone who enjoys comedy is a Trump lover? now its your turn to hurry up and call me a racist, trump loving nazi and whatever else because that seems to be the only comeback people have nowadays. Now scurry off to your safe space.

No, you should try reading

I never said “anyone who enjoys comedy is a Trump lover,” you know that of course, you’re just desperate.

If you scroll up you can read what I actually said: “I wonder why Trump lovers don’t care about men committing sex crimes?”

Any answer at all?

James MacQuade

He’s always been known for some raunchy humor, He apologized for what he did and as people should, you move on. People complaining about some of the topics in his previous shows have apparently never seen his previous comedy shows. And sorry, but the whole masturbation thing was not a shocker, he used to talk and joke about it on Opie & Anthony’s radio show and even one of the female comedians who came out later and said something was on their show and joked about it. People need to just stop, he’s a funny comedian and am glad he is making a comeback.

What if he did it to your mother?

Imagine him preventing her from leaving the room to force her to watch him masturbate. You’d be ok with that right? I mean as long as he said sorry years later.

Critic Al

He did ask for permission to masturbate in front of the women, so what’s the problem with this guy?

People dumb

He’s a @#$&ing comedian. Seriously people need to get over their personal issues or maybe NOT GO TO A COMEDY SHOW!

Thirumwirawalala R.

if he steps foot in Queens, the new DA will put him besides bars. Offending liberals is now punishable there.

Plus the admitted sexual crimes

but I guess “muh librul media” is just as to blame right? Like…you actually believe this.


The bazaar is aplologizing, skankfest isnt, they have been referencing that louie would be there for a couple of months now and that was probably one of the most tame things that happened over the weekend


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