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8 Greenpoint Buildings Owned by Landlords Who Made ‘100 Worst Landlords’ 2017 List

Part of a map showing properties owned by the worst landlords in NYC (Public Advocate’s office)

Nov. 14, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Several Greenpoint buildings form part of the list of properties owned by landlords deemed among the worst in New York City, according to a new report from the Public Advocate’s office.

The report, “100 Worst Landlords in New York City”, identifies and ranks residential property owners based on the number of open housing code violations—like failing to provide adequate lighting in public areas, failure to remove vermin, and lack of heat, hot water, and other utilities—issued to their building by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). This year, three landlords with eight properties in Greenpoint made the list.

Malina Nealis, ranked at 46, had an average of 373 open violations in 2017 within five buildings with a total of 45 units—all in Greenpoint. The buildings range between 3 to 24 units, and are located on India Street, Franklin Street, Eagle Street, and Clay Street.

95 Clay Street, one of the Greenpoint properties owned by Malina Nealis, who ranked as one of the worst landlords on the Public Advocate’s 2017 list.

Another landlord, Joel Kohn, ranked at 77, with 312 open violations in 2017 for his 10 buildings. Only one of them was in Greenpoint, a 6-unit building on Manhattan Avenue with an average of 40 HPD violations.

Jonathan Cohen / Silvershore Properties, ranked as the city’s worst landlord, owns two properties in Greenpoint. His Nassau Avenue building, at 7 units, saw an average of 38 HPD violations, while his 6-unit Kingsland Avenue property saw 19 violations. Both buildings form part of the 19 buildings with 188 total units that received a whopping 1,090 average open violations.

196 Kingsland Ave., owned by Jonathan Cohen / Silvershore Properties, the worst landlord in the 2017 Public Advocate’s list.

“No New Yorker should be subjected to live in a hazardous home, yet bad landlords in our City are forcing too many tenants to live in dangerous and indecent conditions,” said Public Advocate Letitia James in a statement. “The Worst Landlords Watchlist is a powerful tool to put these unscrupulous landlords on notice and gives tenants the tools to hold them accountable.

All three landlords appeared on last year’s list. Nealis was ranked at 71 with 393 HPD violations, while Joel Kohn came in at 10 with 823 violations. Jonathan Cohen was ranked 17, with 718 violations.

Nealis, the landlord with the most Greenpoint properties among the three, and who has been on the list since 2011, was reportedly caught on film trying to hit one of her tenants with a file folder as he tried to film her to gather video evidence over ongoing issues with the building.

Over 10 buildings in Williamsburg are owned by several landlords who also made the worst landlords list.

List of Greenpoint properties by landlord:

Malina Nealis:

– 95 Clay St/121 HPD violations
– 86 Eagle Street/39 HPD violations
– 133 Franklin street/143 HPD violations
– 156 India St./38 HPD violations
– 156 Rear India St./32 HPD violations

Joel Kohn:
– 1020 Manhattan Ave./40 HPD violations

Jonathan Cohen / Silvershore Properties
– 251 Nassau Ave. / 38 HPD violations
– 196 Kingsland Ave. / 19 HPD violations

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I agree there should be a worst tenants group too, although now with the de facto end of rent control it is less of any issue now. I have been on both ends of the problem with both landlords and tenants.

slumlords everywhere

Wow, sounds like they committed more crimes against their tenants than Trump did when he was a landlord!

Marian Kostecki

Worst tenants list is also appropriate. When you will finally have enough money to own a building you can talk shiz. Although this seems bad it is just part of doing business. You may not like it but this is an example of capitalism. Most of th yuppies in GP are hipsters. Hipster = extremists. Not many like expenses. Worst list best list. Life is tough. Grow up. Get your shiz together and enjoy life. Worst off lists won’t matter much anymore. Get busy nd work. Capitalize it n your experience, stop complaining. Living in brooklyn costs money. If you can’t afford it, move back to your village.


Small scale landlords have poured every cent of their life savings to buy a home. As an Italian immigrant my family dud just that. We dealt with 3 rent controlled apartments that basically lived in our home ‘for free’ and they were the most demanding tenants. The city should take care of tenants who cannot afford to pay market value rents, not landlords. These rent control laws are a way for the city to get out of their responsibility in housing the poor of this city.


Tina – I’m a property owner “landlord” who grew up here in Greenpoint and know dealing with “rent controlled” tenants is on you. You’re shown the books and see the rent roles of the property you’re buying, they didn’t just appear. It sounds like you or the person in charge of the deal regarding your property didn’t do their homework.

Renters have rights too

Hey Marian,

If you can’t handle the responsibilities, don’t be a landlord. It’s quite simple.


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