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3 New ‘Affordable’ Housing Lotteries Open in North Brooklyn

215 Freeman St in Greenpoint (Google Maps)

Dec. 26, 2019 By Allie Griffin

Three new affordable housing lotteries have opened in North Brooklyn, with rents starting at $2,049 for a one bedroom.

Eight units are up for grabs among the three buildings in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick.

The lottery is open for placement on a re-rental waiting list for one-bedroom and two-bedroom units at the Freeman Corner Apartments, located at 215 Freeman St. in Greenpoint.

A hundred eligible applications will be randomly selected and placed on a waiting list for future vacancies at the apartment building.

A one-bedroom unit costs between $2,270 and $2,542 a month, while a two-bedroom unit costs between $2,733 and $3,063 a month.

One-bedroom units are available to households of one to three people who make an annual combined income of $77,829 to $124,930. Two-bedroom units are available to households of two to five people who make an annual combined income of $93,703 to $149,890.

A full breakdown of income requirements is below.

The Greenpoint building includes a fitness center and yoga room, laundry room, roof deck, bike storage, video intercom and parking. It’s near the 7 and G subway lines and the B32, B43 and B62 buses.

Applications are due by Jan. 23, 2020. Mailed-in applications must be postmarked by that date.

In Williamsburg, three apartments are available through the lottery within a newly constructed building at 179 North 7th St.

The building has an elevator and rooftop and each unit has a washer/dryer.

Two one-bedroom units with a monthly rent of $2,310 and one two-bedroom unit with a monthly rent of $2,791 are available to eligible participants.

The one-bedroom apartments are open to households of one to three people who make between $79,200 and $124,930 combined annually. The two-bedroom unit is open to households of two to five people who make between $95,692 and $149,890 combined annually.

A full breakdown of the income requirements by household size is below.

The building is nearby the L and G subway lines and the B24, B32, B48, B62 and Q59 buses.

Application are due by Jan. 21, 2020.

A third building in Bushwick has three one-bedroom units going through the housing lottery.

The newly constructed building at 114 Jefferson St. offers a laundry room and backyard for tenants’ use. It’s nearby the J, M and Z subway lines and the B54, B57, B60 and B38 buses.

The monthly rent for each unit is $2,049. The three units are available to households of one to three people who make between $70,252 and $124,930 combined annually.

A full breakdown of the income requirements by household size is below.

Applications for the Bushwick building are due by Jan. 15, 2020.

Tenants of all three buildings are also responsible for paying for all utilities.

While the units are given out to eligible applicants through a lottery, some preference is given to applicants with vision, mobility and hearing disabilities.

Those eligible can apply to the housing lottery online here.

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Agree that the rent on these units are NOT “affordable” by any means. They also seem to discriminate against single parents with a child because the child counts as the second person, but they don’t make an income so one parent making less than $65-79K is at a disadvantage vs two people each making saying $40K each for a total of $80K.

We need more affordable units for individuals and families who earn less than $80K.

Katie Pawluk

This is NOT affordable housing. Especially when the minimum income requirements are all over $70 000. Shame on the city for passing off these tax subsidies for rich developers as beneficial to lower income families.

Georgina Vail

If anyone is familiar with this North Brooklyn neighborhood, can you tell me how Mike Bloomberg’s administration affected rents in the area? Thank you

paul beissel

What a joke. It is like a low fat version of a milk shake having 900 calories instead of the standard 1000 calories passed off as a way to lose weight.

Insanity passed off as a bargain.

I have a mortgage and maintenance and I STILL pay less!!!

Who is coming up with these ridiculous numbers? Add my spectrum bill and my coned bill and it’s STILL less!!!


Good thing the rezoning occurred, kick-starting the orgy of development that has made ALL apartments in north Brooklyn wildly expensive. Without it we wouldn’t have access to these “affordable” apartments.

Although in this instance it gets even more difficult to remember why it is so important to offer developers tax abatements so that these lottery apartments can trickle down to us plebs. Everyone one of these apartments is more than $2k/mo. So they won’t trickle down, of course; no longterm resident of Greenpoint or Bushwick is going to want to rent something at 130% of AMI. They would likely have a better deal in the apartment in which they’re already living. This is just another instance of subsidized neighborhood displacement. Another instance of selling off Brooklyn to the world’s richest kids. Who apparently can’t get enough of chrome and glass luxury residences.

Inwood is lucky to have fought off the rezoning. If only we could go back in time.


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