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121 Units up for Grabs in 420 Kent Affordable Housing Lottery

The available units at 420 Kent Ave. will be doled out through a lottery. (Citi Habitats)

April 1, 2019 By Laura Hanrahan

A new affordable housing lottery has opened for one of Williamsburg’s newest and largest waterfront developments, 420 Kent Ave., with 121 units up for grabs.

The units, located in the first of three geometric towers that will eventually comprise the 420 Kent development, include studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms. Interested applicants have until May 29 to apply, and housing will be awarded to qualified tenants via a lottery.

Studios will cost $867 per month, with one bedrooms going for $931 and two-bedrooms going for $1,123.

The luxury building, located near the South Williamsburg Ferry and a short walk from the Marcy J/M train station, features a gym, lounge, laundry room, and has a concierge service.

The majority of the available units are studios, with 70 being offered in the lottery. The units are only available to individuals making between $31,680 and $43,860.

Twenty-seven one-bedroom units are available for individuals making between $33,943 and $43,860, and households of two making up to $50,100.

The remaining 24 units are two-bedrooms and are available to households between two and four people in size. Households of two must make between $40,560 and $50,100, while households of three must have an income between $40,560 and $56,340. Four-person households can make up to $62,580.  

The rent covers gas for cooking, however, tenants will be responsible for electricity and electric heating.

Preference will be given to applicants who are already residents of New York City, with additional preference given to residents of Brooklyn Community Board 1, municipal employees and those with mobility, vision or hearing impairments.

For more information and to apply, go to New York Housing Connect.

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Denise Ferrara

I applied and was picked in the lottery i handed in my application im living in a small room in a shelter im praying every day im disabled i have severe mobility issues been here 2 years sleeping on a bunkbed as you can imagine im so grateful for this opportunity hopefully this dream will become a reality!


$867 a month plus electric and electric heating for a studio is not affordable housing.


Your kidding right? Yes it is for that area. In lic a studio goes for $2100 to $2500.


Anyone who thinks they have a chance winning one of these is dreaming. I’m a city worker, earn less than $50,000.00, have applied for over 10 years, but NEVER get a response. Meanwhile my retired friend who OWNS a house won the lottery for the Big 6. Wish they would give preference to city workers, wouldn’t that make sense?

Jennifer Sanchez

City Workers get 5% preference and if you live in the community an additional 50%! Dont give up city worker! As an HRA employee, I was a lucky winner. Ive also landed 2 additional opportunities to sign a lease at India St and Cooper but declined. My current apt is bigger and once waterfront is developed it will be prime space!

Shelby Henderson

I lost hope. I’m a city worker too and I’ve been applying for over 6 years. All I get is an “eligibility interviews”. They ask for all these personal information for you to get nothing. My log# are always over 5,000 for with less than 5 apartments. Or my log# is 30,000 for a 12 building apartment. Affordable housing is a pipe dream. I’m about to delete my account and struggle with market rent at least that I know I can get.


Finally this is affordable unlike LIC. I just want today it’s not exactly short walk to Marcy ave stop on the J Z line but otherwise cool area.

Juan Matos

This is awesome news. My wife is a nurse and I have an average job. We struggle to pay NYC rent. How can we qualify for this nice residential building?

JH resident

Unfortunately, you probably don’t qualify. If your wife is a nurse, I’m sure she’s earning more than the maximum this lottery is allowing.

These lotteries are never designed to give solid middle class citizens a chance at new, luxury-like housing anywhere in this city.


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