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Double Domino towers rising on Williamsburg waterfront will mix condos, rentals

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Oct. 23, 2023 By Cate Corcoran Close to topping out, the twin skyscrapers rising on Site D of Two Trees’ Domino redevelopment on the Williamsburg waterfront will be condos and rentals, including affordable housing. A sign recently went up on one of the towers proclaiming “condos” and “rentals.” To date, the mega-project has comprised only…
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When Shopping for Insurance, a Condo or Co-op Board Checks These 3 Boxes

Apr. 25, 2023 Sponsored post by the Brownstone Agency

A condo or co-op board is elected to run the daily business and make most of the decisions for the general operation of the building, including buying insurance. Here’s how they make the right choice: