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Brooklyn Public Library to spark minds with STEM book giveaway powered by energy project

Readers can swing by the library to pick up their latest read.

May. 3, 2024 By Jada Camille

Brooklyn Public Library is bringing the energy — clean energy, that is — during a STEM-themed book giveaway on May 4. The borough’s biggest book-lender is partnering with energy advocates from Community Offshore Wind to donate 3,200 thousand STEM-related titles to young readers.

Free swimming lessons to keep kids afloat for a lifetime

child at swimming lessons

Jan. 26, 2024 By Brian O’Connor

A partnership between Community Offshore Wind and YMCA will provide free swimming lessons to thousands of Brooklyn K-3 children, an experience that can onboard them in adulthood to careers as turbine technicians, welders, and electricians.